My psychic reading can help you to transcend spiritually, physically, mentally, psychologically, socially, psychically, intuitively and relationship wise, by strengthening your inner spiritual independence and self-sufficiency.

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Thank you for choosing me. My name is Faith- I truly believe if you're reading this you were led to me. Let me tell you a little about myself.

My Professional title is Psychic Advisor/Healer and Gifted Spiritual worker.
The word Gifted is to acknowledge the Gifts received which are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and dreams. I have 30 years reading experience, tarot, astrology, numerology and world events. I have volunteered my time to Child Finder, an Internet site that locates missing children. I have been a vice president for a Spiritualist Church with documented healings.

Born psychic, I have predicted events since age 7 when I began communication with Spiritual Beings. This is a wonderful gift that I have, which, I am thankful for and I would be blessed to share my gift with you.

Give me a call today and see how I can help you with the questions that you need answers for. My accurate reading will leave you amazed that I have all the answers that you have been looking for! Call me anytime!

1-800-ASK-KEEN ext. 04052227




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